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Aching Legs are NOT a Normal Sign of Ageing

There is a view that aching legs is just something that happens with age. 

As we age, we’re very often not as fit and active as we were. We get tired more easily and would generally far rather sit than stand, given the choice.

However, aching legs are not something to consign to the ‘to be expected’ list of ageing ailments.

Sensations of tiredness and heaviness are NOT normal at any age. In fact, achy legs can be a sign of vein problems.

What’s more, vein problems do worsen with age if untreated as time, gravity and inefficient veins continue to make blood circulation more difficult in a worsening cycle.

Varicose veins are a common cause of heavy, tired and aching legs. These are caused by inefficient veins, so that blood pools in the leg instead of being pumped back up towards the heart. Pooling blood puts pressure on the veins, expanding the vein wall so that they swell. This pressure causes the achiness.  Not all varicose veins become visible, so it’s important to listen to your body and seek attention for aching legs.

Varicose vein treatment is available on the NHS, but tends to be reserved for those with varicose veins serious complications, such as sores, ulcers and difficulty sleeping. The NHS tend to use traditional vein stripping rather than the latest laser treatment (EVLA).

Varicose & Thread Vein Treatment

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer private varicose vein treatment and see many patients who have been refused treatment on the NHS.

Their London Vein Treatment Centre offers EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) laser varicose vein removal with a vascular surgeon with prices starting at £1,650 per leg (1 vein).

They also offer foam sclerotherapy and micro surgery in order to provide a tailor-made service with the most appropriate treatment for each individual.

Thread veins can be treated with sclerotherapy injections, micro cautery laser or Nd:Yag laser.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.

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