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Can Acupuncture Treat Thread Veins?

If you’ve developed thread veins and are researching the options for treating them, one option you may come across is acupuncture.

The alternative therapy route appeals to clients who like the idea of natural treatments. They may appear to be cheaper and easier than the more medical options like laser or surgery, but do they work?

In summary, there is some limited evidence in favour of using acupuncture to improve thread veins, but far better results can be expected with laser, injections or surgery that have been clinically proven.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is literally thousands of years old and is a form of Chinese medicine which involves inserting very fine needles into the skin at specific points. The intention is to rebalance the flow of energy through the body by tapping into strategic points where needles can stimulate nerve, muscles and connective tissues, boosting the body’s  circulation as well as production of natural pain relief. Many people swear by acupuncture, but research into its medical effectiveness is unclear.

What are thread veins?

Thread veins and spider veins are caused by improper blood flow which leaves blood pooling in certain places so that it is visible through the skin.

So can acupuncture help thread veins?

Research results into the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating thread veins have been mixed. There are some clinical studies that have demonstrated that acupuncture not only stimulates pain relief in the body but also provokes peripheral vasodilation, or widening of the veins, which can result in reduced blood pressure and affect blood flow.

For example, study states:

” Our results suggest that acupuncture can affect blood flow of the peripheral, mesenteric, and retrobulbar arteries.”

However, other studies have been less favourable and there is certainly no significant body of evidence to support acupuncture for treating thread veins.

It is unlikely to cause further harm, so if you have previously experienced good results and have a local practitioner that you trust, you could explore it safely.

However, for more consistently reliable results, then medical methods offer clinically proven evidence. The cheapest and quickest solution in the long run may well be to book into a medical vein treatment centre to explore the options.

Reliable and Safe Treatment for Thread Veins

For a more effective treatment, Cosmedics’ London Vein Treatment Centre offers non-invasive options. These are medically proven with high success rates.

Laser Treatment

The sophisticated Harmony XL Pro Laser treatment is available at both London Vein Treatment Centres in Harley Street and Putney. As well as destroying the thread veins, the advanced laser energy also works to stimulate healing and cell renewal in the treated area for clearer-looking skin. It is a gentle and effective treatment for facial thread veins on the face.

Injectable Treatment

For larger thread veins (e.g. those on legs), microsclerotherapy injections are a popular option. This treatment is available in all of the London Vein Treatment centres.

Microcautery Treatment

The company also offer micro-cautery treatment, which uses a special probe to deliver a short burst of intense heat in a very precise way in order to destroy thread veins.

London Vein Treatment Centre

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offers spider vein and facial thread vein removal treatment at two London Vein Treatment Centres using medically proven techniques.

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All thread vein treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced doctors.

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