Crop Top Fashion Exposes Midriff Thread Veins

bikini midriff veinsThe Daily Mail has reported on the rise in demand for thread vein treatment in the midriff area.

Thread vein treatment is more commonly associated with the legs or facial treatment. However, this summer’s trend towards wearing cropped tops has exposed skin around the tummy area, leading to a rise in enquiries about having midriff thread veins treated.

One doctor said:

‘Whereas the top two most common areas women have thread veins treated are on their faces and legs, recently we have seen a sharp rise in the number of 20-40 year old women coming in with concerns about thread veins in the subcostal margin, and this area is now the third most common part of the body for treatment.’

‘Many patients tell us they feel self-conscious wearing a bikini or crop top if they have thread veins in this area – which usually appear in a ‘belt’ of tiny, vertical red lines.’

‘Interestingly, the patients we have treated for this area over the last 12 months have been getting younger, with the majority aged between 20 and 30-year-old.’

‘We do also treat older women up to the age of 40, but patient numbers tend to fall after this age. This could be down to older women preferring not to bare their midriff, or perhaps becoming more body confident as they get older.’

Experts say that women often have a genetic predisposition to thread veins in the midriff area and that those with fair skin are more likely to have them (or to notice them).

The problem can also be associated with hormones, pregnancy or heavy drinking.

Thread Vein Removal Clinics

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