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Do I Need Time Off Work for Varicose Vein Removal?

One of the main concerns that patients have about varicose vein removal is the time involved in recovery. 

The good news is that you won’t necessarily need time off work at all!

Things have changed and new varicose vein treatment technologies are much easier every ‘step of the way’. So many patients are quite able to walk out of the clinic unaided and return back to their normal work or activities the very next day.

What’s Changed?

Varicose vein removal was traditionally carried out in NHS hospitals using a technique known as ‘vein stripping’. This was a surgical procedure which physically removed the faulty veins. It would be carried out under general anaesthetic and after a couple of days recovery in hospital, patients would need to rest with elevated legs for a couple of weeks. For those with jobs requiring them to be on their feet all day, they may be signed off for even longer while their legs recovered.

New Varicose Vein Removal Techniques

By comparison, the latest laser and chemical/laser combination treatments are so much easier.

There is no general anaesthetic – the patient remains awake and fully conscious throughout with only the localised leg area numbed prior to treatment. Not having general anaesthetic significantly reduces the risks of treatment and eliminates one of the reasons why patients used to have to stay in hospital to recover.

In terms of the procedure, the vein is destroyed using either laser or a combination of chemical and laser. As the procedure is not as intrusive, there is very much less discomfort following it.

Patients can walk out of the clinic although they are advised not to drive on the same day of treatment.

What to Expect After Treatment

  • Patients are asked to wear compression stockings for 2 weeks to help heal the legs and reduce swelling/bruising
  • However, there is no need for bed rest or extensive elevation of the legs
  • This means that many patients can return to work or normal routines, although in certain circumstances, the surgeon may advise a little longer for recovery. This will depend on the patient’s general daytime obligations as well as the severity of veins, age/fitness, and the procedure carried out. Recovery will be fully discussed at the consultation.
  • Patients will be advised to avoid vigorous exercise or prolonged periods of standing during the first week of recovery
  • It is also advised to avoid travel for at least 3 weeks after a varicose vein removal procedure due to heightened risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

Most patients find the recovery and aftercare requirements much less bothersome than they’d anticipated. In fact, many wish they’d taken action much earlier, if they’d known how easy and straightforward it would be.

Varicose Vein Removal London

Cosmedics’ London Vein Centre treated the patient’s varicose veins using the latest techniques. The clinic offers a range of treatments so that we can recommend or even combine the most appropriate solution.

  • EVLA treatment from £1,650 – laser treatment to destroy the veins from the inside
  • Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy – Exclusive EVLA with Foam Sclerotherapy Combination
  • ClariVein® treatment from £1,895 – a mechanical action combines with a special chemical to seal the vein
  • Micro surgery from £500 – most often used alongside other treatments, physically removing the troublesome veins after laser/injections
  • Foam sclerotherapy from £500 – a chemical injection which works to get rid of smaller varicose and larger thread veins

All treatments are available on a ‘walk in walk out’ day case basis with no overnight stay required, making it very appealing for busy patients with other commitments.

There are no waiting lists and scans are carried out on site in the first consultation to enable a fully informed discussion with the vascular surgeon. Treatment is fast and efficient.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.

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