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Does Running Cause Varicose Veins?

Over the last few years, running has become a very popular sport, but runners’ forums abound with discussion about whether the activity is linked to varicose veins.

Firstly, running does not directly cause varicose veins and there’s no need to stop for fear of creating a problem. The overriding cause of varicose veins is genetic predisposition.

Indeed exercise is generally a good thing for circulation and the venous system. Running or walking mean more pumping/contraction of the calf muscles and therefore more blood returning to the heart. It is also great for your overall cardiovascular fitness – not just the legs, but also the heart and arteries around the body.

However, some professionals do have concerns that the pounding that occurs from running may damage the valves in the leg veins, which can lead to both varicose and spider veins.

Compression Tights

Compression calf tights are now available, which help the flow of blood back to the heart while running and/or recovering by applying a gentle squeeze on the veins. Elevating the legs after a run can also be helpful to avoid blood pooling in the legs.

Duplex Scan

If there are any concerns about varicose veins, the best course of action is to seek a diagnosis.

A Duplex scan is recommended for proper visibility of any problems with regard to the blood flow in the legs – especially if there are symptoms in the legs such as aching, pain, cramping, throbbing, heaviness, tiredness or swelling.

London Vein Treatment Centre

Cosmedics’ London Vein Treatment Centre offers on-site Duplex Scan for varicose veins. This is carried out as part of the initial consultation, so no separate appointment is needed.

Following the scan, the vascular surgeon can show the patient the results, explain the problem and have an open and informed discussion about treatment.

Varicose & Thread Vein Treatment

Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ dedicated  London Vein Treatment Centre offers EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) laser varicose vein removal with a vascular surgeon with prices starting at £1,650 per leg (1 vein). This is a very competitive price compared to other providers and treatment can be arranged very quickly, avoiding frustrating waiting lists.

They also offer foam sclerotherapy and micro surgery in order to provide a tailor-made service with the most appropriate treatment for each individual.

Thread veins can be treated with sclerotherapy injections, micro cautery laser or Nd:Yag laser.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.

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