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Loose Women Poster Promotes Body Battles

Loose Women Body Issues

Ahead of a new TV programme, the Loose Women have bravely stripped off to reveal an honest portrayal of women’s bodies. 

The poster displays cellulite, scars, stretchmarks and ‘wobbly bits’ without any airbrushing in a photo taken by Bryan Adams.

The Loose Women have spoken about their various body hangups to help other women accept their body flaws in a poster campaign designed to promote the new Loose Women Body Battles show.

47 year old presenter Andrea McLean said:

“I hope people see the pictures for what they are; real women, not edited or airbrushed, letting their body tell their story. Since the shoot my confidence has really increased.”

While Birds of a Feather favourite 59 year old Linda Robson’s particular concern related to her legs and problems with visible veins, saying:

“I’m 59 and the only bit I like about my body is my nose. I hate my legs. I have big legs – me and my sister always have had big legs. I never get them out from above the knee. The tops of my legs are covered in red and navy veins.

“I hate having pictures taken of me in a swimsuit without a sarong. It upsets my kids when unflattering things get published. I also hate my breasts – they are so big and heavy.

“I never normally take my clothes off – even for my husband. But I’ve gone sugar free and I’ve lost 17 pounds – so I’m feeling better than I have in years. I’m far from body confident, but I think it’s really important to show these pictures to inspire all women to appreciate their body at any age.”

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Leg Vein Problems

Many women suffer from thread veins on the legs like Linda and prefer to keep them hidden under clothing. Losing excess weight is always a good thing, but cannot improve veins once they have become inefficient, which is what makes them appear visible at the skin’s surface.

Knowing that it is common to have body issues such as veins can help break down the difficult body ideals so often portrayed by the media, helping to promote body confidence.

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Laser treatment is a very popular option for dealing with thread veins. It is fast and efficient, using laser energy to destroy the affected veins so that blood flows instead through other healthier veins. Sclerotherapy is recommended for larger thread veins on the legs or thighs. A special injection is delivered into the vein where it damages the structure of the vessel and destroys its ability to carry blood. The vein will then disappear and blood will simply flow elsewhere, leaving the skin appearing clearer.

For more serious varicose vein problems, treatment is available at the London Vein Treatment Centre with the latest EVLA laser treatment as well as micro surgery and injectable options; according to the nature of the veins.

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