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Crossing your Legs? You Could be Risking Thread Veins

Sitting with your legs crossed is a habit many of us develop over the years and for many the position feels so normal that it becomes uncomfortable not to cross your legs.  Previous research in America has shown that 45% of American women cross their legs most of the time 72% said that they did it […]

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Crop Top Fashion Exposes Midriff Thread Veins

The Daily Mail has reported on the rise in demand for thread vein treatment in the midriff area. Thread vein treatment is more commonly associated with the legs or facial treatment. However, this summer’s trend towards wearing cropped tops has exposed skin around the tummy area, leading to a rise in enquiries about having midriff thread […]

pregnancy varicose veins

Prevent Varicose Veins in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is recognised as a known trigger for varicose veins, causing the characteristic blue/purple coloured twisting and bulging veins to appear for the first time for many women.  Unfortunately, once they have appeared, varicose veins don’t tend to go away of their own accord. Why Pregnancy Causes Varicose Veins Pregnancy increases the volume of blood in […]

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1 in 5 Varicose Veins Patients Male

Increasing Numbers of Men Seek Vein Treatment USA Statistics According to the American Society for Vascular Surgery, about 40 million Americans have vein disease – and approximately 1 in 5 is male. So while vein problems such as varicose veins are traditionally considered to be more prevalent in female patients, more and more vein specialists […]

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Avoiding Veins Problems – Top Tips

Vein problems are relatively common among adults in the UK. Sadly once a vein has become an issue, there is very little in the way of ‘DIY’ treatment and professional vein removal treatment is the only option for sorting out varicose veins and thread veins. Prevention is generally the best advice, it is always going […]

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Summer Sandals Can Cause Vein Problems

Choosing the wrong style or fit of sandals this summer could cause vein problems, according to a feature on  Tight strappy sandals might look cool or pretty, but they can put extra pressure on the feet and legs which in turn puts a strain on the vein walls. This can slow down the circulation in the legs, causing tissues […]

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Varicose Veins and DVT

With holidays on the horizon, medical experts are warning that varicose veins can also increase the risk of developing DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). When the legs are inactive, blood flow becomes sluggish in the deep veins, meaning achy limbs and an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). For those who already have varicose veins, […]

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Advice on Disguising Thread Veins

If you’re embarrassed by the appearance of spider veins or thread veins,  you’re not alone.  Many UK adults struggle with these networks of capillaries or veins, visible at the surface of the skin. For minor vein issues, there are practical measures that you can take to disguise the veins: Disguising Leg Veins Humble self-tan can be […]

thread veins nutrition

Diet Tips for Thread Vein Sufferers

Many people struggle with unsightly thread veins on the face, legs or body.  In many cases, the causes are genetic, or else related to sun exposure, alcohol, weight or extremes of temperature. However, nutritionists say that those with thread veins can also help themselves through making positive additions to their diet and nutrition choices. Antioxidants track down and […]

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