Exclusive Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) with Foam Sclerotherapy Combination

Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy is a new treatment protocol, exclusively available at Cosmedics’ Vein Treatment Centre, which combines the gold standard Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) with foam sclerotherapy in a single treatment session so patients can have all their veins prominent veins treated at the same time.

This innovative approach takes the latest and best vein treatments a step further to create the ultimate one stop treatment for varicose and larger cosmetic leg veins, offering a number of advantages for patients:

  • All-in-one procedure to treat all the varicose and larger blue veins
  • Quicker and much less painful than treating different size veins on different occasions
  • Targets specific leg veins
  • Total protocol treatment finished in about an hour
  • Easier to tolerate than separate treatments – less inflammatory response, less discomfort afterwards, quicker healing and better results. This is due to less sclerotherapy foam being needed with this combined technique
before after laser varicose veins

Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment Video

Exclusive EVLA with foam sclerotherapy combination treatment

Good to Know

Key points about Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy Treatment

  • Expert

    Treatment exclusive to our Vascular Surgeon

  • Effective

    combines 2 treatments all in one session. 95%+ success rate

  • No Overnight Stay

    Walk in, walk out treatment

  • Minimal Downtime

    Quick and easy recovery

Tumescent Foam Sclerotherapy Technique

Patients who have a series of larger and smaller varicose veins may require a combination of approaches – EVLA and foam sclerotherapy – in order to get a full result. The technique cleverly combines the two techniques all in one.

  1. Before laser treatment, the area around the vein is injected with adrenaline and a local anaesthetic. This causes the vein to collapse and grip the catheter
  2. The sclerotherapy foam can then be delivered through the catheter
  3. Constriction of the vein means that a lower dose of sclerotherapy foam can be used and delivered more effectively to the treatment area before being washed through the vein