Surgery for Varicose Vein Removal

In addition to the gold-standard EVLA laser treatment, at The London Vein treatment Centre we also offer micro surgery for the treatment of varicose veins.

Also known as Microphlebectomy, phlebectomies or avulsions; micro surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique by which the varicose veins are physically removed via tiny keyhole incisions of around 3mm.

It is used in situations where the veins are too small to be treated with laser but are not small enough to be treated with Sclerotherapy.

It is a highly effective procedure offered at The London Vein Treatment Centre.

How is Micro Surgery Performed?

At the London Vein Treatment Centre we perform micro surgery for removal of varicose veins in a comfortable setting.  Our professional and trained Vascular Surgery team use micro surgery to remove a large or medium sized varicose vein by first giving local anaesthesia to the patient and then washing the leg and marking the outlines of the veins that have to be removed.

By using sterile fine surgical instruments our experienced surgeon will make pinhole punctures that are less than 1/4 inch in length.

The unsightly and painful varicose veins is then carefully removed through micro surgery. Once the surgery is performed a piece of bandage or adhesive tape is used by our specialists to close the incision.

What to expect once Micro Surgery is performed?

There is minimal pain that is associated with the micro surgery procedure. The pain that was being experienced by the patient due to varicose veins will also subside once the treatment is performed.

We at The London Vein Treatment Centre also offer excellent results with micro surgery as the patient will experience that the bulges due to varicose veins have disappeared and the legs will look much smoother and aesthetically appealing. Although there will be minor bruising after the surgery but it will disappear within a short period of time after which the patient will experience impressive results.

It also takes only an hour to perform Microplebectomy and once the treatment is performed there will be minimal or no chances of varicose veins recurring in the future.

Bulging Varicose Veins

Bulging varicose veins may be treated with surgery following EVLA.

varicose veins surgery

Good to Know

Key facts about Varicose Vein Micro Surgery

  • Pain-free

    Using local anaesthetic – no need for general anaesthetic

  • No Downtime

    Done in an hour – no overnight stay

  • No Stitches

    Or very small dissolvable sutures.

  • Effective

    Physical removal of the varicose vein for smoother skin