• Step One

    Self Check or Upload a Photo

    Use our self-check questionnaire, or send a photo to info@veintreatmentcentre.co.uk. You can also use the quick upload form below.

  • Step Two

    Consultation and Ultrasound

    Book a consultation appointment with our expert Vascular Surgeon.

    This includes an ultrasound scan, the only way to properly and fully diagnose varicose veins.

    Other clinics have to refer for this, but at Cosmedics’ London Vein Treatment Centre, we have an ultrasound scan facility on site in our Putney clinic, saving additional appointments elsewhere for a faster and more efficient diagnosis.

  • Step Three

    Your Procedure

    After diagnosis, book in for treatment of your varicose veins using EVLA laser treatment, foam sclerotherapy or micro surgery; depending on the nature of your veins.

  • Step Four


    As part of your package price you get an opportunity to come back to the clinic and show the surgeon how well your legs have healed and how much lighter they feel after the vein treatment.

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