Veins Self-Check Questionnaire

Not sure whether you have varicose or thread veins?

Our quick questionnaire is designed to quickly and fairly accurately assess your veins, which helps us to advise on which treatment might be most appropriate.

This doesn’t replace a consultation, but is a good place to start if you’re not sure. It’s a free service with no obligation, so why not try it.

    About Your Veins

    Do/did your mother or father suffer from varicose veins?

    Do you have any bulging of the veins on your legs?

    Are there spider veins around your inner ankle?

    Is the skin around or above your inner ankle darker or discolored?

    Are there big, maybe curved veins on the back of your foot/feet?

    Do your lower legs swell during the day, especially around and above the ankles?

    Please use this space for any further comments or explanation of your vein concerns

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