Leg Thread Vein Treatment Prices in London

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Looking for information on leg thread vein treatment prices? The cost of leg thread vein removal is one of the most commonly asked questions for people researching or considering having this treatment privately. 

The cost of having something done is an important factor and if you’re paying for treatment, you want to be sure that you are making a sensible choice and getting good value for money.

Price should not be the governing factor when choosing a medical procedure. It is more important to choose a reputable provider who is medically qualified and has expertise in your chosen treatment. You want to feel confident that you’re in good hands and that you’ll get a great result.

However, we’ve done some research to help patients understand the cost of treatment – including how much you’d pay elsewhere.

Thread Vein Removal Costs

Prices updated September 2023

At the London Vein Centre (Cosmedics Skin Clinics), we try very hard to be open and honest about our pricing, as well as offering good value.

Thread vein removal treatment for the legs starts at £300. The price is the same whether we use laser or injection techniques. We offer both procedures so that we can recommend the most appropriate option depending on your veins. The objective is to give you great results as well as great value. The price will increase for larger areas, but this will be confirmed in your consultation before you go ahead with treatment.

In addition, there is a fee for £75 consultation, although this is waived if the treatment is carried out in the same appointment, saving a return visit.

What is the ‘going rate’ for thread vein removal?

If you want to shop around, you may find providers that charge less, but be careful to check their credentials.

However, we’ve recently assessed some of the top thread vein treatment removal providers and actually found that most charge considerably more.

  • Cosmedics Skin Clinics London Vein Centre £300, Consultation free if go ahead
  • SknClinics £345, doctor consultation from £110
  • VeinCentre £360, consultation £245
  • The Whiteley Clinic treatment price not published, initial consultation fee £320 + £200 followup consultation
  • Harley Street Vein Clinic treatment price from £350, consultation £250
  • Premier Veins treatment package £498 including consultation, treatment and compression socks
  • UK Vein Clinic treatment £395 plus consultation £135

Please note that these prices may be the ‘from’ and could vary depending on the size and number of veins to be treated, the clinic location, and any other factors. It is always best to consult with a clinic directly to get a personalised quote.

Which treatment is right for you?

The best thread vein treatment for you will depend on the size and number of veins to be treated, your skin type, and your personal preferences.

  • Laser treatment is a good option for people with smaller thread veins. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure, and most people see results within a few weeks.
  • Sclerotherapy is a good option for people with larger thread veins or veins that are clustered together. It involves injecting a solution into the vein, which causes it to collapse and eventually disappear. Sclerotherapy can be more painful than laser treatment, but it is also very effective.

Not all clinics will offer both options, they may not have the technology, equipment or experience, so will be recommending treatment based on what they’re able to offer. It is best to choose a clinic which has a choice of treatments, so that you can get what’s best for you, not what’s best for the provider.

London Vein Treatment Centre

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All thread vein treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced doctors.

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