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ClariVein® – Seal Varicose Veins From the Inside

ClariVein® is a new technique for treating certain varicose veins which provides quicker recovery by sealing the vein from the inside. The treatment involves inserting a superfine probe into the vein, where a combination of mechanical and chemical action work to stimulate a natural immune response local to the inside of the vein which creates […]

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What is Arterial Ulceration?

Arterial ulcers can be very painful indeed and are quite difficult to treat. They are most commonly found on the lower leg – around the ankle or on the foot. Ulcers are caused by a break in the skin of the leg, which means that air and bacteria can get into the underlying tissue and […]

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Varicose Veins – Occupational Hazard for Traffic Police

Standing for long periods of time is known to increase the risk of varicose veins. Now a health check-up has shown that around 30% of Delhi Traffic Police personnel are suffering from the condition. In the phase I of their study, 35 out of 116 Delhi Traffic Police were found to be suffering from varicose […]

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What you Need to Know About Radiofrequency Varicose Vein Removal

What is Radiofrequency Ablation? Radiofrequency is a technology which uses high-frequency radio waves to seal the affected varicose vein in a process known as radiofrequency ablation. The radiofrequency energy is delivered using a special machine. The surgeon makes an incision to access the vein, usually above the knee, and inserts a catheter (tiny tube) through which […]

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How Do Varicose Veins Cause Leg Ulcers?

A Common Complication Leg ulcers are one of the more common complications that occur with varicose veins and can cause great discomfort and distress for the patient. In fact, venous disease is the most common underlying problem for chronic leg ulcers and is said to account for around 80% of all leg ulcers. Leg ulcers […]

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Fit Legs Can Get Varicose Veins

Varicose veins may be stereotypically associated with older patients and they are known to affect those who are overweight more than average; but younger, fitter patients are certainly not immune from varicose veins. Actually varicose veins can affect people of any age and any physical fitness.  What’s more, younger, fitter patients may find that varicose veins […]

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Could Hormones Be Causing Your Vein Problems?

Changes in the levels of hormones like oestrogen can definitely contribute to vein problems for women. There are a number of events or situations that are especially prone to cause fluctuation in hormone levels: puberty taking oral contraceptives pregnancy perimenopause menopause The latter 3 in particular can indirectly cause thread veins to appear, as the […]


NHS Varicose Vein Removal Cutbacks

‘Unnecessary Procedures’ Under Threat Varicose vein treatment procedures on the NHS are already restricted, but could be cut back further under new cost-cutting plans.  Varicose vein surgery is one of 17 procedures deemed ‘unnecessary’ by the NHS, which means that it will only be offered with very good reason – where the patient meets certain […]

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Vein Website Visits Soar as Temperature Rises

Visits to The London Vein Centre website have soared over recent weeks and the company is attributing the surge of interest in its procedures to the weather.  The website had over 20% more visits in June compared to May and the trend is set to continue for July in line with the ongoing UK heatwave. […]

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Heatwave Exposes Leg Vein Problems

The recent hot weather has seen temperatures exceed 28°C for 17 days in a row. Met Office meteorologist Dean Hall said “Monday [yesterday] was our 16th consecutive day where we have seen temperatures above the 28C mark. We are in the midst of a heatwave.” The warmth has meant that many Brits are not saving […]