Microcautery Treatment

for Facial and Leg Thread Veins

This is a fast and effective treatment which is generally more suitable for smaller thread veins, appearing on the face.

Our Aesthetic Doctors use a super-fine and precise cautery device. The adjustable microcautery tool is applied very quickly onto the surface of the skin where it delivers a very short burst of intense heat, designed to destroy the venous walls, so that the vein quickly collapses and is no longer visible at the surface of the skin.

We treat broken, red spider veins and thread veins with a microcautery laser in order to remove the redness.

For treatments of spider veins and thread veins we can often see complete results in just one session, but more established veins may take a few treatments.

What to expect after microcautery treatment?

Microcautery treatment is a particularly fast and effective way of tackling facial and thread veins. It works much faster than other forms of treatments and results can be seen straightaway.

Treatment literally takes around 15 minutes. One session is usually sufficient to see instant and complete results, but occasionally a top up treatment is required a few weeks later for the optimum result.

We advise patients to avoid sun exposure and sun beds while the skin is healing and also to avoid vigorous exercise and hot temperatures for a few days as this causes the veins to expand.

Is Microcautery Treatment suitable for you?

At the London Vein Treatment Centre we don’t recommend microcautery treatment to those who are on certain types of medication such as blood thinners.

Other Options

For facial veins or fine thread veins, laser treatment might also be appropriate. If veins are larger and on the legs, our doctors might recommend sclerotherapy injections. Our experts will always assess your veins fully and recommend the best treatment to give you a good result.

Good to Know

Key Points About Microcautery Treatment

  • Facial

    Recommended for facial thread veins

  • Pain-Free

    Comfortable throughout

  • No Downtime

    Back to normal activities

  • Same Day

    Treatment can be done straight away

  • Fast Results

    Improvements seen immediately

Before and After Microcautery Thread Vein Treatment

Results of treatment with our Aesthetic Doctors:

thread vein treatment results