Laser Treatment

for Facial and Leg Thread Veins

Laser treatment is ideal for treating smaller thread veins, spider veins and facial veins. The laser setting is changed according to the type of veins and works quickly and efficiently to destroy the vein from within, causing it to disappear from the surface of the skin. 

Laser treatment using advanced systems such as ND Yag can even treat tiny varicose veins that are found under the skin’s surface as well as broken, red spider veins on the face and nose.

All of our laser procedures for the treatment of spider veins and thread veins are carried out in a safe medical setting to ensure that there are no complications.

Results Gallery

Before and After Laser Thread Vein Removal

What to expect once the laser treatment is done

Laser vein treatment works much faster than other forms of treatments for thread or spider veins.

After the treatment there is a chance that you may sense some discomfort around the area that is treated, coupled with redness that will disappear soon.

The recovery period is usually minimal and once the treatment is successfully carried out you can easily go back to your normal activities.

However, we do recommend our patients to avoid exercising or working out for at least a few days following the treatment – as these are situations in which you may get hot, which causes the veins to expand.

We also advise our patients to avoid exposure to the sun in order to avoid any complications.

How many treatments will I need?

In some cases, just one session is enough to get rid of unwanted visible veins. However, some larger or more stubborn veins may require more than one treatment. Our doctors will advise on this as best as they can at your consultation.

Are there any complications?

At the London Vein Treatment Centre, we offer safe and effective laser treatments for spider veins and thread veins. Our doctors have years of experience in laser treatments and will work to offer the best results without any serious complications or risks of side effects.

Is Laser Treatment suitable for you?

Our professionally trained doctors also evaluate each patient before they chart out a course of treatment, so that only those who are suitable can use this treatment.

We don’t recommend laser treatment to those who are on certain types of medication such as blood thinners.

While laser treatment should be safe during pregnancy, there is no research to support this and so we recommend waiting.

Other Options

For facial veins or fine thread veins, microcautery treatment might also be appropriate. For larger leg thread veins, sclerotherapy injections might be more effective. Our experts will always assess your veins fully and recommend the best treatment to give you a good result.

Good to Know

Key Points About Laser Thread Vein Treatment

  • Pain-Free

    Using local anaesthetic – no need for general anaesthetic

  • No Downtime

    Back to normal activities

  • Same Day

    Treatment can be done straight away

  • Immediate

    Results show visible improvement immediately