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If you have vein problems on the legs, face and body – whether it’s unsightly thread veins on the face or legs, there is good news.

Our London Vein Treatment Centre offers state of the art treatment using advanced methods for an excellent outcome with quick recovery.

We treat thread veins in clinics across London using advanced laser or injections.


thread veins sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy, also known as microsclerotherapy due to the fine needle used, is an injectable treatment suitable for mild to moderate thread veins in the legs. It can also be used for treatment elsewhere on the body, although for smaller veins, laser treatment may be preferable. A few injections deliver the chemical into the affected veins, which are then destroyed.

This procedure is carried out by our Aesthetic Doctors and Surgeons. 

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Laser Treatment

Laser thread vein removal offers fast and effective treatment for smaller thread veins, spider veins or broken capillaries. It is often the treatment of choice for facial vein issues, but can also be used for treatment elsewhere on the body if suitable. The laser device uses heat to destroy the affected veins.

This procedure is carried out by our Aesthetic Doctors at our London clinics. 

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laser thread vein removal

Microcautery Treatment

thread vein treatment results

Microcautery treatment is very quick and efficient and ideal for treating facial veins or smaller thread veins on the legs. The fine and precise cautery device uses a short blast of intense heat to damage and destroy the visible vein. 

This procedure is available at all our London clinics. 

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Everybody’s vein issues are different and that’s why diagnosis is the first step towards workout out the best treatment.

If you’re not sure, then please do call us for an informal chat.