Laser Varicose Vein Treatment

What is Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLA)?

EVLA is an effective minimally invasive laser procedure that has been termed as the Gold Standard for treating varicose veins in London and worldwide. It is currently the most sought after treatment and is suitable for everyone who has a condition of varicose veins.

The London Vein Treatment Centre is one of the very few places in the UK to provide the most advanced procedure to date for the treatment of varicose veins known as the Endovenous Laser therapy or EVLA. In order to provide complete satisfaction to our patients we, at The London Vein Treatment Centre, offer the best prices for the treatments as compared to other clinics.

Before & After EVLA Laser Varicose Vein Removal

Results of procedure at our London Vein Treatment Centre:

london varicose vein treatment before and after

How does EVLA work?

First and foremost an ultra sound is done and checked by our vascular surgeons at The London Vein Treatment Centre and the affected vein is marked. The ultra sound scanning is extremely important as it is what ensures that the results would be accurate and visible.

This state of the art procedure for varicose vein removal does not require an operating theatre; instead it can also be done in a simple room. The patient is asked to wear a drape and is asked to lie down or sit down depending on the area that is affected. A local anaesthetic is applied and within 20-30 minutes, the procedure is over before you know it!

The gist of this treatment for varicose vein removal is to heat the venous walls using a laser and kill them so that the dead tissue can be naturally absorbed by the body and the abnormality is no longer visible. There is no surgery involved.

When can the patient go home?

Firstly, the patient can go home immediately and it is advised that he does not drive when he leaves the clinic. Secondly, he is asked to wear stockings for two weeks. During this time, it is advised to not get the stockings wet. Apart from this, there are no restrictions and it is advisable to stick to their normal daily routine. Mild tingling sensation may be experienced but it is not persistent and goes away.

Are there any complications?

There are no complications of EVLA, due to which it is the most famous treatments that The London Vein Treatment Centre offers to its customers for varicose veins. It is considered to be one of the safest and painless varicose vein removal treatments available.  The treatment itself has more than 95% success rate.

Good to Know

Key points about EVLA laser treatment

  • No Overnight Stay

    Walk in, walk out treatment

  • Minimal Downtime

    Quick and easy recovery

  • Effective

    95% success rate at permanently removing varicose veins

  • Expert

    Treatment carried out by Vascular Surgeon

Varicose Veins

Suitable for EVLA laser treatment

varicose vein evla

Treatment Videos

EVLA Laser Varicose Vein Consultation, Scan, Treatment and Review

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