Foam Sclerotherapy Injections

This newly introduced varicose vein treatment in the UK is especially designed to improve the condition of varicose veins. This highly effective procedure is offered at competitive prices at The London Vein Treatment Centre and has shown very promising results as an alternative to EVLA laser treatment or micro surgery.

Foam Sclerotherapy is very beneficial for those who have mild to moderate varicose veins and would prefer to avoid surgery.

How is Foam Sclerotherapy performed?

The technique requires a specially formulated foam producing injection which stimulates the body to destroy the veins on its own.

Our experienced Vascular Surgeon will first mark the main surface vein in your leg through ultrasound scanning to establish the exact location of the veins. They will then inject local anaesthetic into a small area of your skin, either in the mid calf or lower thigh after which a needle will be placed in to your vein. This will also be flushed with a salt solution that contains heparin and a blood thinning agent in order to keep the needle open.  Your leg will then be elevated after which foam solution in small volumes will be injected one at a time. Once the foam is sufficiently injected the needles will be removed, then compression pads applied followed by a bandage on your leg to compress the treated veins.

What to expect after the treatment?

Once the treatment is completed you will have to wear a stocking for at least 5 days to keep the treated area safe. You will experience minimal discomfort and can comfortably do normal activities after the treatment.

Foam Sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose veins is very cost-effective and once the procedure is performed the patient can easily go back home. Furthermore, Foam Sclerotherapy is performed in a simple clinic room and requires only a small amount of local anaesthetic.

However, there are chances that after the Foam Sclerotherapy your skin may get blisters. Furthermore, if phlebitis occurs then it may take weeks or months to fully settle down. After the treatment you may also experience brown pigmentation of the skin and although it usually settles down it may take several months.

Thread Veins

Suitable for Foam Sclerotherapy

foam sclerotherapy

Good to Know

Key Points About Foam Sclerotherapy

  • Non-Surgical Option

    Ideal for smaller varicose veins

  • Fast

    Takes under 30 minutes

  • Accurate

    Veins located using ultrasound

  • Comfortable

    Using local anaesthetic