Facial and Leg Thread Veins

Thread veins on the face and legs can be quite quickly and effectively treated using laser or sclerotherapy injections. 

We give important aftercare advice, laying out what to expect and what to do after treatment for removing thread veins. All patients will have full discussion about what to expect in consultation prior to going ahead with the procedure.

Aftercare for Thread Vein Removal FACE

On the day of your treatment it will feel like sunburn. It is important to apply a cold compress to the treated areas for 15- 20 mins every 2-3 hours for the first 1-2 days to help minimize any swelling or redness.

It is normal to get some worsening redness initially over the first few days which typically settles after about a week.  You will occasionally get some small scratch like areas that scab over and it is important to keep these areas well moisturized over the first week or so. If you are going into strong sunlight make sure you apply some sunblock.

The treatment is normally very effective at removing the thread veins in a single session however if there are some residual veins after a month or so please contact us.

Timeline / days
What to Expect
What to Do
1-2 Reddness and mild puffiness in the treated areas Cold compress and moisturise
3-10 Mild redness that fades. Small areas of scabing  Moisturise and sunblock
10-28 Reddness resolving Sunblock if needed

Aftercare for Thread Vein Removal LEGS

After the treatment the areas will feel slightly itchy and very mild discomfort that eases off over the next few hours. The dressings we applied are to stay on as long as possible. Keep the areas dry for 1-2 days if possible.  You should not experience any worsening discomfort or pain if you do please contact us.

You will be given advice on wearing support stockings or dressings to help the results. In most cases class 2 support stockings are advisable to wear for the first week after the treatment.

You will notice some redness and bruising in the first few weeks that gradually settles over 3-4 weeks.  You also occasionally get some darker brownish marks at the injection sites which can take a bit longer to fade.

We normally like to see patients again after 4-8 weeks to repeat the treatments.

Timeline / Days
What to Expect
What to Do
1-7 days Mild itching discomfort 1-2 days then some redness and bruising Wear support stockings or dressings. Limit heavy exercise
7-14 Mild residual bruising Normal daily activities and massage with moisturizing cream
14-28 Some slight brownish marks that gradually fade Moisturise. Book repeat treatment once all settled