Blood blisters/clusters

Angiomas are often referred to as blood blisters, cherry angioma or Campbell de Morgan spots.

These are common skin growths which are made up of small blood vessels. They can look a bit like a large spot, but don’t tend to go away of their own accord.

Angiomas are non-cancerous tumours which can appear on the surface of the skin on any part of the face or body.

Angiomas are not considered to be medically harmful, which means that there is unlikely to be help through the NHS, as they will be classed as ‘cosmetic’ and therefore not eligible for free treatment.

Laser and surgical removal

Whether you’re looking to get rid of angiomas or a few vascular lesions, the good news is that the latest treatment options are now available at our London skin clinics.

We offer ND Yag laser treatment for smaller angiomas. This can very precisely target the blood blister and destroy it from within, so that it disappears from sight.

Where the angioma is large and established, we may recommend surgical removal. This is completed under local anaesthetic, so there is no pain or discomfort at all.

All lesions are cauterised once removed, to prevent any inconvenient bleeding and to ensure rapid healing with minimal scarring.


Before Angioma Treatment

Laser Treatment for Angiomas

Smaller blood blisters can usually be treated with laser. This heats the affected area in order to destroy the vessels/veins that are causing the blood blister. The angioma will shrink and disappear so that the visible spot disappears. Blood will simply flow through through deeper, healthier vessels and veins.

It may take up to 3 sessions for optimum results, depending on the individual case.

Other Treatment Options

If laser is not suitable for any reason, Cosmedics’ London Vein Treatment Centres offer alternatives:

  • Micro-cautery laser is also available at all of the company’s skin treatment centres
  • Surgical removal with our skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons is a last resort option for larger angioma or where other treatment options are not appropriate


Our vein treatment doctors are also highly experienced in assessing moles. If there are any concerns about the nature of your skin lesion (i.e. whether it is potentially cancerous or worrying), then we can arrange testing at an independent lab.

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Good to Know

Key Points About Angioma Treatment

  • Pain-Free

    Using local anaesthetic – no need for general anaesthetic

  • No Downtime

    Back to normal activities

  • Same Day

    Treatment can be done straight away

  • Immediate

    Results show visible improvement immediately