Laser a Revolution for Facial Thread Veins

The latest advances in medical laser technology have transformed the treatment of thread veins and facial veins in particular.

Previously, treatment tended to focus on use of injections to break down the visible and unsightly thread veins. However, this treatment is better suited to larger areas and less well-suited to the delicate facial skin.

The advent of laser means that tiny red or blue thread veins, including broken capillaries and telangiectasia, can now be quickly and effectively treated using this advanced technology.

How Laser Works on Thread Veins

Laser can be used to cut, vaporise or coagulate by targeting tissue which absorbs laser light. It is versatile and powerful, yet can be controlled and used with great precision when it comes to treating tiny little vascular lesions.

Laser light has some quite specific properties which make it suited to treating thread veins. It has a single wavelength which can be precisely directed and is non-ionising, making it safe for skin treatments.

The laser is set to a wavelength which will be absorbed by the thread vein, heating it so as to cause permanent damage. The surrounding skin is not affected – the laser energy works within the skin by selectively destroying the target thread veins while leaving the skin intact, as the darker coloured thread veins absorb the laser energy while the surrounding lighter tissues do not.

Once the veins have been broken down, they quickly fade away, being broken down by the body’s own processes while blood flows through alternative and healthier routes.

London Laser Vein Treatment

Cosmedics Skin Clinics’ main London Vein Treatment Centres in Harley Street and Putney offer the sophisticated Harmony XL Pro Laser treatment, which targets problem capillaries, vessels or veins with targeted laser energy. This damages the veins so that they shrink, shrivel up and then disappear. Laser energy also works to stimulate healing and cell renewal in the treated area for clearer-looking skin. It is a gentle and effective treatment for facial thread veins on the face.

For larger thread veins, microsclerotherapy injections are a popular option. The company also offer micro-cautery treatment.

All thread vein treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced doctors.

Before and After Results

laser thread vein removal

Laser thread vein treatment – facial blood spot

London Vein Treatment Centre

With the addition of the Harley Street clinic in 2018, Cosmedics Skin Clinics now offer thread vein removal treatment at two London Vein Treatment Centres.

4 Disraeli Road, Putney, London, SW15 2DS

41 Harley Street, London, W1G 8QH

For more information, please complete the form to the right hand side or call 020 7386 0464.

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