Summer Sandals Can Cause Vein Problems

strappy sandals veinsChoosing the wrong style or fit of sandals this summer could cause vein problems, according to a feature on

Tight strappy sandals might look cool or pretty, but they can put extra pressure on the feet and legs which in turn puts a strain on the vein walls. This can slow down the circulation in the legs, causing tissues to swell.

Short term problems that can arise range from tight ‘strap mark’ impressions and rubbing to severe blisters, causing many women to resort to removing their sandals on a night out. These problems tend to go away with a bit of rest, massage and plasters if required.

However, there are longer term risks too. The pressure on the tissues can worsen or trigger spider veins or thread veins. This is where the tiny blood vessels become enlarged so that they are visible under the surface of the skin and this is something that won’t necessarily go away. Some people are more at risk of spider veins or thread veins that others. They tend to run in the family, but there is also an increased risk for those who have excess weight, stand for long periods of time, smoke or take oral contraception.

Avoiding Spider Veins from Inappropriate Footwear!

Here’s some advice on how to protect the feet and legs from the onset of veins related to badly fitting sandals or shoes:

  1. The right size: Simply make sure that any new shoes fit well and don’t be tempted to have any that are too tight just because they’re pretty.
  2. Borrow with caution: If you’re borrowing shoes, don’t compromise on comfort and fit.
  3. Try on shoes for fit and comfort: Have a good walk around the shop before parting with your credit card.
  4. Two finger test: You should be able to fit two fingers beneath each strap.
  5. Vary shoe styles: Don’t always reach for strappy heels, even for work. Try to have some days with comfy flats too, so that the blood can circulate more freely and efficiently.
  6. Adjust your sandals: Loosen the buckle to undo compression if you are finding them feeling tighter
  7. Take a break: Remove your sandals or shoes altogether for a bit if they’re feeling very uncomfortable.

Treating Spider Veins

Unwanted thread veins or spider veins can be treated in private clinics like Cosmedics Skin Clinics, who offer thread vein removal at a selection of clinics based in Londonl.

Thread veins are removed using the latest surgical techniques including laser vein treatment, microcautery treatment and sclerotherapy injections (not for facial areas) with trained doctors and surgeons.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.

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