Vitamin IV Drips, Expert Doctor’s Advice in Yahoo!

Dr Ross Perry provided his expert advice in Women’s Health on the merits of IV drips.

The popular London GP and skin/veins doctor founded The London Vein Centre for thread vein treatments. He is often asked to give medical advice and opinion for media features.

The article on the Women’s Health website has also been featured on Yahoo! and warns:

“Experts warn vitamin IV drips, popular with celebrities, could harm your body”

Celebrity fans of the treatment reportedly include Adele, Rihanna and Chrissy Teigan; but after early criticism that it was a waste of money, experts are now saying that IV infusion could actually be harmful to the body as it could lead to ‘dangerously high’ levels of nutrients.

The treatment is designed to deliver vitamins, minerals and other nutrients directly to the blood through intravenous delivery.

Yet one expert said that IV drips could contain up to 600 times the required amount.

In 2019, Professor Stephen Powis said:

“People who are healthy do not need IV drips,’ he said. ‘At best they are an expensive way to fill your bladder – and then flush hundreds of pounds down the toilet – but at worst they can cause significant damage to your health.”

Women’s Health asked Dr Ross Perry for an up to date and balanced view. He said:

“One of the main selling points of these vitamin drips is their apparent ability to deliver a high dose of Vitamin D, amongst other all-important daily vitamins our bodies need to be healthy.

“However, it does take the body a long time to break these vitamins down and administering them excessively can lead to health problems such as loss of bone density, heart attack, nausea, headaches, and kidney problems.”

Women’s Health concluded:

“Still, given the therapy’s pretty dismal risk / reward ratio, we’d urge you give this particular wellness aid a wide swerve.

“And please do keep in mind that if something promises to speed your path to peak wellness, without you contributing much besides a generous chunk of your paycheque, it is probably too good to be true.”

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