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Millions of Workdays Lost Due to Veins

4.6 Million Work Days


Vein disease is estimated to account for more than 4.6 million workdays a year in the USA alone.

The impact of vein problems should not be underestimated. Serious leg vein problems are not just unsightly – although this can involve unpleasant rashes, skin discoloration and even scarring. Apart from the cosmetic problems, venous disease can also cause severe discomfort with pain and swelling, making patients less mobile. When skin problems occur, such as stubborn ulcers or wounds, it makes the situation harder still and in severe cases, patients are forced to take time off work.

The repercussions for companies mean having to deal with unanticipated employee absences, with additional cost for temporary staff. Gross that up across the country and it makes an impact on the economy.

Yet having leg veins is not something that people have to live with forever. There are now modern treatments which can remove varicose and/or thread veins effectively.

The latest EVLA laser treatment is a world away from traditional vein stripping. Success rates are in excess of 95% and there is no requirement to have lengthy recovery time off work.

Varicose & Thread Vein Treatment

Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer private treatment for thread veins and at their London Vein Treatment Centre, they also offer varicose vein treatment with ultrasound scanning for proper diagnosis of any ‘underlying’ vein problems.

Their London Vein Treatment Centre offers EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) laser varicose vein removal with a vascular surgeon with prices starting at £1,650 per leg (1 vein).

They also offer foam sclerotherapy and micro surgery in order to provide a tailor-made service with the most appropriate treatment for each individual.

Thread veins can be treated with sclerotherapy injections, micro cautery laser or Nd:Yag laser.

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.

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