EVLA One of 2019’s Biggest Cosmetic Surgery Trends

EVLA made the list of suggestions for the top 5 cosmetic surgery trends for 2019, proving that cosmetic surgery is not all about facial anti-ageing. 

In a feature published in Marie Claire, experts explained that varicose veins are very common and something that more and more people are wanting to address to look at their best; as the unsightly appearance of blue/purple lumpy and twisted veins can cause people to feel very self-conscious.

What is EVLA?

EVLA – which stands for Endovenous Laser Ablation – is a way of treating varicose veins under local anaesthetic using a precise laser which works within the vein to heat, destroy and seal off the problematic area.

The patient can leave the clinic on the same day as treatment, making it a very convenient option; as there is no need for a hospital stay at all.

Yet it is also very effective with success rates in excess of 95%. That is significantly better than those achieved with the traditional ‘vein stripping’ surgery which had longer recovery rates and a lower success rate in the long term.

Recovery from EVLA tends to be far more straightforward than following vein stripping – another appeal for the procedure.

So now EVLA offers a relatively uncomplicated way of getting rid of varicose veins before they get worse.

London Varicose Vein Removal

Cosmedics’ London Vein Treatment Centres offer a convenient choice of locations for laser varicose vein removal. The centres are equipped with high-tech solutions to get rid of the varicose veins and all are treated on a day case basis whereby patients are able to walk out and return home same day. There is no general anaesthetic, only a local, which also makes the procedure much more agreeable as well as ensuring it is comfortable throughout.

EVLA Before and After Results


Varicose Vein Removal Treatments

A range of varicose vein treatments are available so that the right approach can be offered for each individual case. Our experienced Vascular Surgeon uses the latest laser and surgical techniques, all carried out by :

  • EVLA (endovenous laser ablation) treatment offers a 95% success rate. Cosmedics Skin Clinics offer EVLA treatment at their London vein treatment centre with a renowned vascular surgeon
  • ClariVein® is a treatment which combines a mechanical with a chemical action to seal
  • Foam sclerotherapy an injectable treatment for smaller varicose veins or larger thread veins
  • Micro surgery for physical, surgical removal of the affected vein where necessary

For more information or to book a consultation, please complete the form on this web page or call 020 7386 0464.

For more information, please complete the form to the right hand side or call 020 7386 0464.

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